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Tablet Strength: 225, 100 mg
Cost: from $2.30 per pill
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Unlike other orally administrated pain relievers that are available in tablets form only, tramadol is available in almost all imaginable forms. It is found as a tablet, syrups, and drops, compounding powder formulation, capsules, liquids, elixirs, effervescent tablets, suppositories, injections and many other forms. This provides a wide range of options to the users to employ the most precise dosage applicable to their specific needs. The capsule shell contains gelatin, titanium dioxide, iron dioxide and indigo carmine which ensures the long life of tramadol in the shelves as well as instant absorption without negative interactions with the tramadol chemicals when taken through the mouth. The drug is, however, commonly available in 50mg and 100 mg dosage in its various forms and sometimes in 25mg dosage. Consult your doctor for the best prescription of the drug to avoid overdose, underdose of side effects associated with the wrong use of tramadol.

How to Use Tramadol Medication?

It is important to read the medical guide recommended by the manufacturer before using tramadol as a pain reliever. Descriptions are normally displayed on the packet or on the instruction manual accompanying any of the tramadol forms. You may find assistance from your doctor or the nearest pharmacist.

In general, tramadol medication is taken orally, normally after every 4 to 6 hours or as directed by your professional medical instructor. It is recommendable to take tramadol with food to reduce nausea. However, in case of nausea, the patient may lie down for 1 to 2 hours with minimal head movement as possible.

The exact dosage of tramadol medication may vary depending on the health condition of the patient as well as the exact condition that needs treatment. A daily maximum dose of 400 milligrams is recommendable across all painful conditions under treatment and age with an exception of the elderly aged beyond 75 years who should not exceed 300 milligrams of the drug in a single day.

It should be noted that your doctor may recommend the gradual increase of the dosage depending on the response of your health. In some cases, the doctor may instruct a patient to use other drugs other than tramadol in case they are under medications that have a negative interaction with tramadol.

All patients under tramadol must avoid overdose. Make sure to take the correct amount of tramadol at regular intervals. Missed dose must be taken as soon as remembered or at the next scheduled time when it is near before normal timing is resumed.

Where to buy Tramadol

Patients can buy tramadol medication from the drugstore near them. It is available as a prescribed drug or as self-prescription in many pharmacies worldwide. This makes tramadol one of the most accessible medication through various stores over the counter.

The gradual fading out of the brick and mortar stores across the globe has increased the need to embrace online pharmacies. More patients shop for tramadol from the many pharmacies available online where it is convenient and offered at a lower price than in the physical stores. One can order for tramadol medication from any of the online pharmacies at the comfort of their living room provided they are connected to the internet. Buying online is cheaper because online stores pay low taxes. Additionally, the availability of tramadol on the online platform provides an opportunity to compare prices and to engage professionals on the drug where any question concerning tramadol can be handled with efficiency.

Visiting an online pharmacy for purchases of tramadol medication has the advantage of free delivery services in most drugstores. Depending on the location of the buyer, delivery can be facilitated within a few hours to a few days after purchases.

The growing trend of online shopping has increased threats to online shoppers due to frauds. It is important for patients and dealers seeking tramadol online to ascertain the credibility of the online store before disclosing their credit information or making purchases. Seek assistance from legal tramadol dealers online and remain cautious on your online activities where credit cards information is concerned.


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