10 Best Men’s Summer Outfits to  …

10 Best Men’s Summer Outfits to Stay Cool and Stylish

When summer rolls around, the last thing any guy wants is to be weighed down by heavy, constricting clothes. Sweating through your outfit before you even make it out the door? No, thanks. But you also don’t want to spend the entire season in sloppy athletic gear that makes you look like a bum. The solution is nailing that sweet spot between breezy and polished. We’re talking about the best lightweight men’s summer outfits that’ll keep you cool while still looking perfectly put together.

Luckily, we’ve made things easy by rounding up the 10 best men’s summer outfits. These warm-weather pieces will keep you feeling cool and comfortable yet still looking sharp all season long. Just mix and match them to your heart’s content for a laid-back yet refined style.

Table of Contents

  1. 10 Best Men’s Summer Outfits
    1. Camp Shirts
    2. Hawaiian Shirts
    3. Lightweight Linen Shirts
    4. Printed Oversized Tees
    5. Active Tees
    6. Popover Shirts
    7. Classic Polo Tees
    8. Drawstring Linen Shorts
    9. Tailored Chino Shorts
    10. Seersucker Shorts
  2. Conclusion

10 Best Men’s Summer Outfits

Let’s have a look at some of the best summer wardrobe essentials for men, featuring outfits that will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Camp Shirts

Also known as cabana shirts, these short-sleeve button-ups embody summer ease. With their boxy, straight-cut shape and lightweight, breathable fabrics like rayon or linen, camp shirts are ideal for sultry days. To style your summer outfits with camp shirts, look for ones in fun prints or vibrant hues to make a stylish statement, then wear them untucked over your favorite shorts or chinos for relaxed yet refined vibes.

Hawaiian Shirts

A fun Hawaiian shirt is a must-have to create some of the best summer outfits for men. When buying Hawaiian shirts, you should look for those in classic floral prints or bold geometric motifs in bright, eye-catching hues. Wear it in a slim, tailored fit untucked over chino or linen shorts for cool, retro vibes.

Lightweight Linen Shirts

There are only a few fabrics that are perfect as summer wear for men. The crisp cotton button-downs are the most preferred choice in the hot season but you also need to stock up on some tailored linen shirts too. From solid shades to playful patterns, these lofty linen numbers will keep you feeling airy while still looking polished. Wear one untucked and roll the sleeves for bonus style points.

Printed Oversized Tees

Just because it’s hot out doesn’t mean you have to live in those stained old tees. A stylish printed oversized t-shirt can instantly elevate even the most casual men’s summer outfits. Boxy and baggy silhouettes with exaggerated lengths give off that coveted laid-back, skater vibe. Look for ones in soft, premium fabrics like jersey cotton or linen with eye-catching prints or graphics. Just be sure the fit is slim and tailored rather than sloppy.

Active Tees

Sometimes you just need a no-frills tee that can stand up to sweat. That’s where active t shirts made of technical, moisture-wicking fabrics come in clutch. They’ll keep you dry and comfy whether you’re hitting the gym or just running errands on a steamy day. Just be sure to still opt for slim, streamlined fits to avoid looking sloppy.

Popover Shirts

When it’s too hot for a full button-up, the popover shirt is perfect for a subtle yet polished summer look for men. Combining elements of a traditional button-up and a pullover, it has a relaxed collar and partial placket. Look for fun popover shirts in punchy prints or breezy linen fabrications. Wear them untucked over lightweight chinos or shorts for an effortless smart-casual summer outfit.

Classic Polo Tees

You can never go wrong with a great polo t-shirt, especially in the hot months. These knit t-shirts offer comfort with a bit more refinement, making them a perfect smart-casual summer wear for men. Stick to trim fits in go-to colors or classic patterns like stripes and wear them tucked or untucked with chino shorts or pants.

Drawstring Linen Shorts

For the ultimate relaxed summer style, drawstring linen shorts are your go-to options. With their lightweight, breezy fabric and effortless pull-on design, these are the bottoms you’ll want to live in when temperatures are soaring. Look for ones in classic khaki or stone hues with a length that hits just above the knee. Pair with a linen shirt or tee to achieve that cool summer outfit for guys.

Tailored Chino Shorts

No summer wardrobe is complete without a few pairs of clean, modern chino shorts. With their lightweight twill fabrication and tailored details, chino shorts give off a more refined vibe than basic cargo or athletic shorts. Opt for slim, slightly tapered fits that hit around 7-9 inches above the knee in shades like stone, navy, or olive. They’ll pair flawlessly with polos, short-sleeve button-ups, and more.

Seersucker Shorts

With their iconic puckered texture, seersucker shorts are a summer-style staple. The all-cotton fabric looks refined yet allows for optimal airflow. Blue and white is the classic combo, but shades like green, pink, or yellow can bring freshness to your outfit. To create some cool summer outfits for guys, wear them cuffed with a casual knit or linen shirt.


There you have it – the best summer outfits that need to be in every man’s closet as the temperature rises. These pieces cover all the summer style bases, from breathable knits to breezy woven top and bottom wear. In this blog, we discussed some of the best summer outfits for men from cotton shirts and polo t-shirts to chino shorts and joggers. These outfits will be the perfect option for creating a summer look. Find your perfect summer essentials and mix & match them to create a sharp and seasonal look.


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