What are Some Common Problems with Men …

What are Some Common Problems with Men’s Clothing?

When it comes to fashion, the menswear industry faces several challenges such as lack of variety, poor-quality fabrics, and more. The typically conventional and simplistic nature of men’s clothing make the flaws all the more noticeable and frustrating. From ill-fitting garments to a lack of variety, there are numerous men’s clothing problems. Let’s break down some of the biggest offenders.

Fit Is Everything (And It’s Rarely Right)

Proper fit is the very foundation of looking good in clothes. Get it right, and even simple garments can look sharp. Get it wrong, and the most expensive outfit will look sloppy. Unfortunately, the majority of men’s clothing suffers from a surprisingly poor fit. Mass manufacturing and cost-cutting measures result in terribly imprecise sizing. And many garments are simply designed in an outdated, unflattering manner that doesn’t complement the male form. The result? Waistbands that are too loose yet thighs that are overly clingy. Jacket shoulders that hang awkwardly. Shirts that leave plenty of room in the body yet the sleeves are weirdly tight and the list goes on.

Ensuring a good fit often requires extensive tailoring and alterations that shouldn’t be needed in new clothes. We understand the importance of men’s clothing with proper fit and therefore have invested in creating a size chart that helps the customers select the clothes that fit them perfectly. Further, we have optimized our supply chain and manufactured high-quality men’s clothes with the right fit.

Lack Of Quality Fabrics

Along with poor fit, poor-quality fabrics are a major issue across many men’s clothing lines, especially at lower price points. Cheap and thin materials pill, fade, and lose their shape after just a few wears displaying their poor quality and a bad experience for the wearer. Suits that look nice on the rack but turn out to be crafted from flimsy fabrics that wrinkle like crazy as soon as you put them on. This disposable fast fashion approach may keep costs down, but it results in clothes with zero durability or longevity. You’ll be back to replacing those bargain items every season instead of investing in pieces that will last for years, ultimately costing you more in the long run.

Understanding this problem, we have shifted our focus to source high-quality fabrics for all our categories. This way we strive to ensure that our garments are durable and hold their shape even after multiple washes providing the customers with long-lasting and reliable clothing.

Where is the Variety?

One of the problems with men’s fashion is that it’s painfully limited. Yes, the basics of menswear will always have timeless appeal. But there’s no excuse for such a lack of creativity and boundary-pushing from brands. Men are offered the same boring classic suits, polos, dress shirts, and chinos season after season with little variation.

In part, this stale uniformity is the product of societal pressures and ingrained wardrobe rules that prioritize masculine-coded traits like conformity and subtlety. But it also reflects a broader lack of market demand for more out-there men’s looks. Although it’s understandable why there is a lack of variety and options in men’s clothing, it can be frustrating, especially for those who like to try on new styles and are always on the search for new options. We emphasize closely studying the market trends and customer demands.

Recognizing this, Our design team constantly explores new styles, cuts, colors, aesthetics, and more to offer not only trendy designs but also variety in men’s clothing. From classic staples to trend-oriented pieces, we have something for every taste and occasion.

Too Many Ill-conceived Trends

Fashion trends come and go, but for men, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to look sharp and polished without veering into regrettable trend territory. Distressing, cutouts, cropped cuts, and exaggerated detailing on basics like tees, button-downs, chinos, etc. are some of the key such trends in men’s clothing. The goal seems to be cramming in as many design aspects as possible, at the expense of clean lines and versatility.

Yes, you can always ignore trends and stick to the classics…but even those styles could use some updates. Because let’s face it, dad pants and boxy suits aren’t exactly looking good either. We believe in balance and employ the same approach while designing our garments. We prioritize versatile design and timeless aesthetics, allowing our customers to stay stylish without having to compromise on sophistication and refinement.

Too Casual In All Aspects Of Life

Speaking of endless casual wear, the prioritization of “athleisure” and casual comfort over proper attire in public/professional settings is a worrying trend. Hoodies, joggers, sneakers, team merch – these used to be strictly gym or loungewear pieces, not meant for the workplace, nights out, travel, etc. Yet they’ve bled into all aspects of daily life and men’s wardrobes. Don’t get us wrong, comfy clothes absolutely have their time and place.

However, they’ve largely replaced smarter, sharper looks for occasions that really do call for a bit more polish and effort. Just because you can get away with always dressing like a teenager doesn’t mean you should. We understand that men’s clothing needs to be a combination of casual and smart-casual pieces, allowing the wearer to transition effortlessly from casual to professional or semi-casual settings with style and confidence. We strive to offer versatility in men’s clothing and ensure that it can be worn for different occasions.

Lack Of Stylish Options for Men of Different Body Types

Among the men’s fashion problems, finding trendy clothing that fits men of larger sizes is a challenge. There are very limited options available in stores for plus-size men, and online shopping can be very hit-or-miss. Details like tailoring, modern fits, and on-trend patterns/colors are seldom priorities here. Shopping in this section often feels like being relegated to a plus-size ghetto of menswear that’s been frozen in time.

No guy of any size deserves to be deprived of stylish, high-quality options that fit his body properly. But that’s the reality many big or tall men face every single day. To solve this problem we are committed to offering high-quality, stylish, and well-fitting clothing options for men of all sizes. We offer clothes ranging from sizes XL to 5XL with modern cuts, trendy designs, and attention to detail, ensuring they fit the wearer well and give them confidence. Inclusivity is at the heart of our operations and we encourage body positivity by offering clothing for men of different sizes and body types.

Basics Are Somehow Super Expensive

Need a few new undershirts for polos? Be prepared to pay huge sums. Maybe it’s inflation, maybe it’s supply chain issues, but even basics that used to be affordable are now ridiculously marked up. Take white crew neck tees for instance – once a total budget buy, now easily Rs. 2000-3000 a pop for anything halfway decent. The same goes for any classic wardrobe staples, whether chinos, oxfords, or khakis. You’ll either need to raid the clearance racks, shop overseas brands online, and pay hefty shipping, or just bite the bullet and splurge. Basics simply shouldn’t be such a big budget line item, period.

We offer our customers affordable clothing options without compromising on quality. To do this, we have streamlined our supply chain and optimized the manufacturing process to keep the prices reasonable while maintaining quality. In addition, we offer regular discounts, offers, and promotions to our customers to make fashion accessible to all.

At the end of the day, the men’s clothing currently available in the market is failing to properly serve the core demographics it’s designed for. Sure, fashion may move at a slower pace for guys, but that’s no excuse for the lack of progress. We are actively working to address the issues in men’s clothing by prioritizing fit, quality, variety, inclusivity, and affordability. Beyoung is committed to providing stylish, well-made clothing for men to fulfill their varied needs and preferences. We offer better choices that balance tailored fits, premium materials, and versatility across all categories of clothing. The longer these “What is Wrong With Men’s Clothing” issues persist, the longer we strive to be excellent at what we do!


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