Best Shoe Brands in India

Best Shoe Brands in India for Footwear Collection 2023

Looking for the Top Shoe Companies in India? This question is very complicated but we will answer all your queries in this blog. Here, we have listed the 15 Best Shoe brands in India that are popular for their aesthetic designs and comfortable footwear.

Gone are the days when shoes were mere foot protectors. Today, they’re style statements, fashion canvases, and luxury indulgences. When you step out, your shoes speak a lot about you. Strangers keep sizing you up, trying to unveil your story through those very soles. As said, “good quality shoes can transform your outlook and elevate personality”. Wearing a top-quality shoe brand is a must since shoes are the first thing a person notices about you.

India is the world’s second-largest leather producer so we are home to many Top Shoe Brands. Indian Shoe Companies are known for their stylish look and innovative designs. These shoe brands supply a variety of footwear all around the world. They offer a range of sneakers, Indian juttis, dress shoes, sports shoes, boots, sandals, flats, and luxury footwear. Whether you looking for a formal, casual, party, sports, or work site shoes they have something for everyone. Shoes used to be made with leather, wood, or canvas. Nowadays petrochemicals, polymers, rubber, and plastic materials are used by those Top Shoe Companies.

Top Indian footwear brands are recognized for quality, style, and affordability. These shoe companies cater to a wide range of customers including men, women, and children. Here, we compiled a list of the 15 Best Shoe Brands in India. These brands are best to make you a collection of shoe brands. They offer a range of quality footwear for every occasion.

15 Best Indian Shoe Brands for Men and Women – Stepping in Style

  1. Nike – Top Shoe Brand in the World

    Best Indian Shoe Brands - Nike


    Nike Footwear Brand - Top Footwear Brands in India


    When it comes to sports and athletic footwear, Nike is a global leader. Nike offers a range of shoes such as casual shoes, sports shoes, running shoes, basketball shoes, football shoes, gym shoes, Indoor gaming shoes, and so on. Features like innovative designs, eye-pleasing colors, and cutting-edge technologies make Nike a Top shoe brand in India among athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

    Apart from shoes Nike company design, manufacture, and sell sports clothes, equipment, and accessories. Nike is the largest shoe and sports apparel brand in the world by highest revenue in the fiscal year 2022.

    Reasons why Nike is the best shoe brand in India:

    • Offers a range of shoe varieties for all ages of men and women.
    • Available from sports shoes to casual sneakers.
    • Premium quality material, durability, high performance, and aesthetic designs.
    • You can order online on the e-commerce platform, Nike website, and offline outlets.
  2. Reebok – Best Shoe Brand in India

    Reebok - Top Shoe Companies


    Best Shoe Brands for Men - Reebok


    Reebok is one of the leading shoe brands in India and has a strong presence worldwide. With a focus on fitness and lifestyle footwear, Rebook sneakers and athleisure shoes are in high demand among fitness enthusiasts and athletes. In the year 2005, German sports brand Adidas acquired Reebok’s business at a valuation of $3.5B.

    Reasons to Buy Reebok Shoes:

    • When it comes to men’s athletic shoes Rebook is the best shoe brand in India
    • Best sports shoe collection, available in various colors, designs, and advanced technology features.
    • You can shop for Reebok shoes at offline stores, Rebook websites, and e-commerce sites.
  3. Adidas – India’s Top Shoe Brand

    Adidas Footwear Company


    Adidas is a top shoe brand in India and is known for its stylish and innovative shoe designs. Adidas offers a wide range of sports and active lifestyle footwear from football shoes to badminton shoes for every age of people. Adidas shoes and athleisure clothing are equally popular among both men and women.

    Why Choose Adidas (Best shoe brand in India)

    • Adidas has more than 3000 stores and outlets nationwide
    • Apart from shoes, Adidas apparel, sports equipment, and accessories are also popular.
    • Adidas offers trendy designs for high-performance sports shoes.
  4. Puma – Top Shoe Brand in India 2023

    Best Shoe Brands for Women - Puma


    Puma - Best Footwear Companies in India


    Puma outsold all its competitors like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok in the last fiscal year by increasing profit by 75% while its competitors are losing market share. As of now, Puma is the biggest sports shoe brand in India. Puma shoes and apparel are loved by fitness freaks and athletes for their trendy designs, vibrant colors, and performance-oriented shoes.

    Reasons why Puma leading the Indian shoe market:

    • Puma has nationwide 800+ outlets for men, women, and kid shoes and other sports apparel.
    • Known for high-quality shoes at reasonable prices that last long.
    • High performance, breathability, and eye-catching designs make it irreplaceable.
  5. Woodland – Best Indian Shoes Brand

    Casual Shoe Brands - Woodland


    Formal Shoe Brands


    Woodland is a homegrown footwear brand known for its rugged and sturdy shoes. Since its 1992 founding, Woodland has become a household shoe brand in India. Woodland is the perfect option for stylish shoes, adventure shoes, and long-lasting footwear for men.

    If you are an outdoor enthusiast and adventure seeker then Woodland is the go-to brand. This Indian shoe company offers shoes that withstand challenging terrains while keeping you comfortable and stylish. Apart from shoes, the company offers slippers, flip-flops, sandals, sneakers, sports shoes, trekking bags, clothes, and high-quality equipment for adventure trips.

  6. Red Tape – Indian Shoes Company

    Red Tape - Indian Shoe Company


    Indian Shoe Brands


    Red Tape is one of the top shoe brands in India and is known for lightweight and budget-friendly footwear. Red Tape offers contemporary designs and highly fashionable footwear that last long. With a focus on high-quality material and craftsmanship, this Indian shoe company captures the market of both formal and casual shoes for men.

  7. Campus – Best Indian Casual Shoe Brand

    Campus - Sports Shoe Brands


    Running Shoe Brands - Campus


    If you are looking for highly durable, and pocket-friendly casual shoes then this Indian homegrown brand is perfectly fit for you. Campus is a brand that caters young generation with its trendy and comfortable sports and casual footwear.

  8. HRX – Footwear & Fitness Brand

    Top Indian Shoe Brands - HRX


    HRX - Top Shoe Brand in India


    HRX, a brand by famous Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, offers a range of shoes and apparel for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. HRX products are known for trendy designs, high performance, and aesthetic appeal. HRX is a medium-range shoe brand that can be used for both casual occasions and sports activities.

  9. Bata – Biggest Indian Footwear Brand

    Bata - India’s Best Shoes Brand


    Indian Shoe Company - Bata


    Bata is one of the most trusted and iconic Indian Shoe Companies, with a legacy spanning over 125 years. If you ask anyone for the best 3 Indian shoe brands then one of these will be Bata – this is the legacy created by Bata in Indian society.

    These footwear are known for affordability, durability, and high-quality leather. Bata offers from luxury shoes to traditional Indian footwear in a range of designs and styles that cater to everyone’s preferences. From casual to formal, sports to party wear, and luxury shoes to slippers, Bata offers everything that comes under footwear.

  10. Neemans – Top Indian Shoe Company Startup

    Top 10 Shoes Brands in India


    Best Shoe Brands in India


    Neemans is an Indian footwear startup that transforms recyclable wastes and plastic into amazing footwear. Neemans known for their stylish, vibrant, and appealing shoe designs. They combine comfort and style with their range of trendy and affordable footwear for men and women.

  11. Mochi

    Footwear Brands in India - Mochi


    Indian Shoes Company - Mochi


    Mochi is a premium footwear brand, that offers fashionable and chic footwear. Mochi is the perfect choice if you are looking for durable, stylish, and comfortable shoes. Mochi is a leading shoe brand in India that offers formal shoes and daily-use footwear for men and women.

  12. Fila

    Top Shoe Brands - Fila


    Best Shoe Brands for Men


    Fila is a Japanese footwear brand, famous for sporty and retro-style shoes. In India, athletic and lifestyle fila shoes are very popular for their comfort and stylish designs. So whether you are looking for performance shoes or fashionable shoes, fila have something for everyone in their wide range of footwear collection. From classic sneakers to modern designs, this shoe brand embodies comfort, quality, and aesthetic look that appeals to athletes and trendsetters.

  13. Skechers

    Top Footwear Company


    This shoe company in India is known for its comfortable and supportive footwear. Skechers is a globally recognized shoe brand for its perfectly blended comfy and innovative shoe styles. Their shoe collection includes walking shoes, running shoes, casual shoes, and lifestyle footwear for men and women.

  14. Sparx

    Running Shoe Brands - SparX


    Sparx is a popular shoe brand and a subsidiary of India’s largest footwear company Relaxo. Sparx offers budget-friendly trendy sports and casual shoes catering to the needs of all ages people.

  15. Asics

    Shoe Brands


    ASICS is a renowned athletic brand, loved for its high-performance footwear and sport apparel. ASICS focus on cutting-edge technology, and stylish designs to offer a range of shoes catering to athlete, sportsmen, sportswomen, and fitness enthusiast. This shoe brand is primarily known for its comfort, durability, and supportive shoe designs. All of these factors make this shoe brand in India the best option for sports footwear.

We all know that footwear now becomes an expression of style and personality so select an Indian shoe brand that fits your needs and matches your personality. That’s why we listed more than 15 Best Indian Shoe Companies that are known for quality, comfort, durability, and stylish designs. Whether you looking for classic formal footwear, stylish formal shoes, comfy sports sneakers, loafers, boots, sandals, or casual shoes, these Top Shoe Brands in India have got you covered well.

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