Top 10 Types of Shirts for Men: From C …

Top 10 Types of Shirts for Men: From Casual to Urban

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  1. Top 10 Types of Shirts For Men
    1. Checks Shirt
    2. Urban Shirt
    3. Hawaiian Shirt
    4. Formal Shirt
    5. Linen Shirt
    6. Printed Shirt
    7. Satin Shirt
    8. Cotton Shirt
    9. Striped or Lining Shirt
    10. Casual Shirt
  2. FAQs

They say men don’t have many clothing options, but we say a wardrobe would disagree! Men’s wear may not be as vast as women’s clothing but there are plenty of options for both top and bottom wear. They just don’t know about the different types of shirts for men and the multiple styles of pants.

If we ask a man “how many types of men’s shirts he owns?” then there is more than a 90% possibility he will reply with “2 types! formals and casuals”. So here we are bringing you all the best shirts a man should have in his wardrobe because a modern man’s wardrobe is never complete without a few must-have shirts.

Top 10 Types of Shirts for Men

In this article, you’ll find out about all the shirts that a man can rock in different ways. These all-time favorite shirts will fulfill all your fashion needs and also make you look sharp and smart. Now let’s have a look at the 10 best shirt styles for men-

Checks Shirt

different types of shirts for men - Checks Shirts

Full of a casual cool vibe, these timeless check shirts look good on every man and they are so versatile that you can wear them for formal meetings, casual hangouts, and late-night parties. They were made so a man could look sophisticated and cool at the same time.

Check shirts for men come in a huge variety from classic buffalo plaid to bold tartan patterns. To have that smart and dashing look pair them with well-worn jeans and boots or style them up with chino pants and loafers for a subtle look. This classic men’s shirt style is never going out of trend so you can stop thinking and start shopping for some of the cool checks shirts.

Urban Shirt

must have shirts for men - urban shirts

Shirts that men have been mad about for quite some years! Men’s Urban shirts fall into the category of street style yet men these days are rocking them everywhere they go. These pieces are designed with sleek patterns, contrasting fabrics, and unique hems to give you that edgy look that you all crave.

These types of shirts for men are mostly made of durable and breathable cotton blends so they are not just a pretty face but a combination of style and practicality. Style them with distressed jeans and cool sneakers or experiment if you want because they will have you looking sharp no matter what!

Hawaiian Shirt

types of shirts for men - Hawaiian Shirts

Call it cool summer wear or certified beachwear, Hawaiian shirts are full of fun and bring out the hidden hero inside of you. With vibrant colors and tropical prints, these trending shirts for men offer the maximum amount of comfort and style to your look. They are full of endless summer vibes and designed with colorful prints including bold hibiscus motifs to playful pineapple patterns.

If you’re thinking about how to style shirts like these then stop worrying because they go well with many things like linen trousers or shorts for a look that screams “Beach Please!”

Formal Shirt

trending shirt for men - Formal Shirts

An unofficial uniform of a smart and modern man, because your wardrobe is incomplete without a few premium formal shirts for men. These shirts are your savior for all those times when you have to look gentleman-ly.

Not only do these types of shirts for men make you look good but also feel good because they are usually made from premium fabrics. You can always pair them with a well-fitted suit, or tailored chinos and a blazer for a dapper look. A man in formals always feels confident and somehow manages to grab the attention of everyone around him.

Linen Shirt

good shirts for men - Linen Shirts

Your breathable best friend for summer, mens linen shirts are perfect for those days when the air grows thick with humidity. Linens come under some of the good shirts for men and they are made of cool and lightweight cotton fabrics and ensure maximum comfort during the hot season.

Whether you’re sipping a chilled beverage in a resort or out running errands, an airy linen shirt will always have your back. Opt for these types of men’s shirts in a relaxed-fit and style them with lightweight trousers or shorts for a stylish summer look.

Printed Shirt

best shirt for men - Printed Shirts

A shirt that has it all! It is basically a vibrant playground of self-expression. With their bold graphic charm, they inject personality into any ensemble. These types of printed shirts for men offer everything from subtle tonal prints to colorful motifs.

The best part is that they are so versatile and you can put them on for many occasions and still won’t miss any vibes. Pair them with simple bottoms and let the print take center stage or you can also experiment and pick patterned trousers for a truly bold and eye-catching look.

Satin Shirt

different shirt styles for men - Satin Shirts

The shining star of your wardrobe that only comes out when you need to have some serious rock ‘n’ roll moment. When the night is dark but the vibe needs a spark you put on a satin shirt. These sleek shiny and men’s best shirts are crafted from luxurious satin fabrics that offer amazing softness to the skin.

You should always opt for deep, jewel-toned hues and metallic shades that never go out of style and catch the limelight wherever you go. Rock the satin shirts for men with tailored trousers and a blazer or for a more relaxed and edgy look style them with distressed denim.

Cotton Shirt

best trending shirts - Cotton Shirts

A shirt that is the first choice of every man and is loved by everyone. These lightweight and breezy shirts are crafted from the finest natural fibers. Cotton plain shirts for men have always been the best trending shirts with their extremely comfortable and undeniably versatile appeal.

Suitable for all seasons and all occasions, they have been a major part of men of all generations for centuries. Cotton shirts have a soft texture that feels so soothing on the skin and keeps you comfortable all day long. Every man should have a few pure cotton shirts in their wardrobe because styling them is easy and they are your best options for formal to casual occasions.

Casual Shirt

Top 10 Types of Shirts for Men - Casual Shirts

We all know “Casual is the New Cool” hence men’s shirt styles are incomplete without casual shirts. This versatile shirt offers the perfect balance between a relaxed and refined look and can transition from a weekend vibe to a smart social gathering look effortlessly.

Try pairing it with chinos or denim, a pair of sneakers or loafers, and you’ll get an instant look upgrade without spending hours planning what to wear. These types of shirts for men will surely add some extra charm to your personality every time you put them on.

Striped or Lining Shirt

trending shirts for men - Lining Shirts

The trend of stripes has always been part of men’s fashion and the striped shirts will never leave men’s wardrobe. Having a few striped pattern shirts will give you multiple options for styling. With their bold or subtle pattern play, men’s lining shirts add a touch of sophistication to any ensemble. These types of men’s shirts always adapt to any look and you can pair them with a chino for an office-ready look and style them with ripped jeans for a weekend-to-vacation look. You can also play a little and put on a blazer or jacket and it will enhance the striped pattern more.

Be a smart shopper and invest in the best shirts for men and you’ll have a wardrobe that covers looks for every occasion. If you’re one of those men who don’t want to overstuff your wardrobe you can create a hundred looks out of these 10 must-have men’s shirt styles. Just don’t be afraid to experiment and always remember that you look your best when you’re confident in whatever you’re wearing. Also, These different shirt styles are never going out of trend so you can always count on them when you’re not sure.

Just in case you’re one of those who never have enough options to wear you must keep checking the latest trends. Always try something new, check clothing websites that offer trending shirts for men and let your wardrobe explode with options!

When styling different types of shirts for men, it’s important to pick the right bottoms. Casual shirts pair perfectly with joggers for a relaxed look, while urban shirts look great with jeans for a more edgy style. Formal shirts are best matched with chino pants for a sleek, professional appearance, and rugged shirts go well with cargo pants for a functional, stylish outfit. Check out a variety of joggers for men, jeans, cargo pants, and chino pants to complete your wardrobe and create versatile outfits.


What are the best types of shirts for men?

Some good shirts that every man should have are plain, check shirts, half-sleeve shirts, and a few printed shirts. Look for quality fabrics like cotton, corduroy, or linen that will last.

Which type of shirt is trending for men right now?

Some of the trendiest shirt styles at the moment include urban shirts, satin shirts, short-sleeve shirts, oversized shirts, and other shirts made from lightweight, breathable fabrics.

What’s the best way to wash and care for men’s shirts?

Always follow the specific care instructions given on garments, but generally, shirts should be machine-washed in cool water and hung or line-dried. Remove them promptly from the dryer if machine drying to prevent wrinkling. Iron while slightly damp if needed.

How can I style a basic men’s shirt?

There are endless ways to style a shirt! Dress it up with chinos, tuck it into jeans for a casual cool look, or wear it open over a t-shirt. Rolling up the sleeves and playing with patterns/textures can add personality.

How should a men’s shirt fit on the body?

A well-fitting shirt should have shoulder seams hitting the edge of your shoulders. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose/billowy through the chest and midsection. The shirt should also allow enough room to easily put your hands flat against your chest. Sleeve lengths should hit around your wrist bone.

What should I look for when buying a high-quality men’s shirt?

Look for a good fit in the shoulders, chest, and sleeve length. Also inspect the fabric (cotton, linen, etc.) and construction details like single-needle stitching, mother-of-pearl buttons, a split rear yoke, and a mitered or reinforced collar and cuffs.


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