Battlegrounds Mobile India Officially Launched In India Now

Another bit of good news for PUBG Mobile India fans is that the main version of the game has now been officially published in India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India was disclosed last month by Krafton, the game’s developers. Pre-registered gamers were able to download the Battle Royale early access edition from the Google Play Store. For Indian users, Krafton has now officially released the official version of BGMI. The Google Play Store currently has a PUBG Mobile variant available for download. Users on iOS may have to wait a few days longer to play BGMI on their iPhones. As the official version of the app is released on the Google Play Store, the corporation has revealed a few updates. As Battlegrounds Mobile India officially launches, let’s have a look at some more details.

The official version of Battlegrounds Mobile India has been finally released now

In May, the game’s early access version was made available for download. The official final version of the game is now available for download from the Google Play Store, according to Krafton. Those who acquired the early access version can simply update to the official version by downloading the 137MB update from the Play Store. The creators have announced many in-game events as part of the official launch. The time limit for getting the “India ka Battlegrounds” gift, as well as 1 million and 5 million total download incentives, has been extended till August 19. There is currently no information on a BGMI iOS release. There have been rumors that an iOS version is in the works. The iOS version of BGMI is likely to be released soon by Krafton.

Within a few days of its release, the game’s early access edition had surpassed five million downloads. In case you didn’t know, BGMI differs slightly from PUBG Mobile in terms of gameplay. The alteration in the color of blood, which is now green, is one of them. The word “kill” has been substituted with the word “finish.” Players will also be urged to practice good posture and minimize their screen usage, among other things. These notices and messages have been identified as belonging to the “Gameplay Management System.”

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