What to Wear on Holi 2023 - Holi Dress

What To Wear on Holi Festival 2023 – Best Holi Dress Ideas

It’s “Holi hai” time; HOLI is a colorful, messy and chaotic party that celebrates the arrival of spring. Along with shopping for colors and sweets, shopping for the perfect Holi Dresses for men & women is also mandatory. Because if you have a perfect holi outfits and you have a party to attend then you don’t have to worry about “what to wear on holi 2023” anymore. Well if you don’t have one then go ahead and prepare yourself for the most-awaited colorful festival of India.

Most Stunning Holi Outfits To Rev Up The Festival

Well, who doesn’t like to get all drenched and still look fantastic in the perfect Holi dresses you choose to wear. Haven’t thought of what to wear on holi 2023, this time go for vibrant colors and attractive prints. Well, we have a few holi outfit ideas for men and women.

  • Patiala Suit for Women
  • Glasses
  • Footwear
  • Accessories For Holi
  • Hair Care Before The Holi

Get Comfortable In Patiala Suit for Holi 2023

What to Wear on Holi - Holi Dress for Women
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The Patiala, the ideal holi dress for woman, also known as Punjabi salwar gives the utmost comfort and stylish look. There is nothing more playful and fabulous than Patiala suits.

Glasses for your Vision

What to Wear On Holi 2023

Why are your eyes in danger during Holi? Because of the use of harmful chemicals in today’s colors, the eyes can easily be injured during Holi. To protect your eyes from colored water and powder, wear clear glasses or, if outside in the sun, sunglasses. Apart from protection, Sunglasses can be worn as a stylish Holi outfit. If you wear contact lenses, bring eye drops with you in case the chemical color gets into your eyes. Keep your eyes tightly shut and always use warm water when washing off the color.


What to Wear on Holi - Holi Outfit

Choosing perfect footwear for your Holi dress is very important and can be tricky as well. When it comes to footwear flip flops are the best option. You will get wet. You will be covered in colors. So the easiest shoes you can wear when they are wet & the easiest ones to wash are the ones to opt for

Accessories For Holi 2023

What to Wear on Holi - Holi Look
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Your Holi dresses for men and women demands a twist this time, we can’t deny the fact that Accessories like a cap, Bandanas, goggles are a very important part. These Accessories are not just for style statement but also keep you safe and protect your eyes, skins, and hairs from harmful colors. You can add extra glamour by wearing sunglasses.

Hair Care Before The Holi

What to Wear on Holi - Holi Dress for Women
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Folks love to splash colors and drench everyone by saying ‘Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai’. We find this fun too, but how about our skin and hair? Ensure that you apply enough oil. It must be a blend of warm coconut oil and Castor Oil. This will support your scalp and hair remains sustained and spare your hair from dry chemical colors.

The Fabric Of Your Attire:

Well, the fabric of your Holi dresses for men and women is as important as the stylish look, don’t choose the fabric that makes you the uncomfortable the whole day. Cotton is the best material to wear in this joyful festival. It keeps you cool, the best thing is it is not just comfortable but also looks good on everyone.

Holi Squad T-Shirt For Men

What to Wear on Holi - Holi Dress for Men

In order to create a style statement while enjoying our favorite festival than nothing can beat graphic t shirts. This Holi get all the color visible on your t-shirt with Holi Squad T-shirt for Men and create unforgettable memories with your squad.

Rango Magar Pyaar Se T-Shirt For Men

What to Wear on Holi - Holi Dress Online

Still, thinking about what to wear on holi ?  “Rango Magar Pyaar Se” t-shirt, the perfect Holi Dress” It comprises the famous Bollywood quote with the twist, you didn’t see that coming, right? This slogan design in vibrant colors in a white T-shirt will make you look very happening with the solemn feel of greatness and comfort. If you are confused on what to wear on Holi 2023. Check out this list of Holi Dresses for both men and women to select the best one.

So this Holi, don’t shy away, go out and get all drenched and colorful, because you have the perfect outfit to wear at Holi 2023.

Stay tuned for more fashion updates!

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Happy Holi !!

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