Kabzaa Movie Review

Kabzaa Movie Review – Another KGF from Kannada Film Industry

Are you waiting for Kabzaa Movie Review before watching this much-awaited Kannada movie? Wait is over, now you can read the full review of the Kabzaa movie here.

After witnessing masterpieces such as KGF and Kantara, we already have higher expectations from the Kannada Film Industry, and they have once again delivered an outstanding cinema. Action, Thriller, Crime, and Drama – this movie has all aspects to become a potential blockbuster but failed to connect with the audience, and logic is missing in the whole movie. More than simply the style, flavor, and genre, Upendra’s gangster drama resembles “KGF”; it is a rip-off filled with vacuous replicas of everything that made Prashanth Neel’s movies entertaining.

Honest Review of Kabzaa Movie

Read the Kabzaa Movie Review (2023) before Going to Theaters: 

Overall Rating – 8/10

Highlights – Cinematography, BGM

For whom – People who love action and gangster drama

What’s Unique – It’s the perfect blend of “Once Upon a Time in Mumbai” and “KGF” so if you love to watch gangster stories then this is the perfect treat for you. Definitely, you will love the picture-perfect frames and power-packed actions.

What’s the story – The pre-independence era drama Kabzaa centers on the life of Arkeshwara (Upendra), the wild son of a freedom warrior who later became a mafia don. He then proceeds to create a vast empire. The key themes of the film are what makes him such a powerful figure and why the patriotic father’s son ended up as an underworld don.

Full Review: 

A Visual treat for KGF and Kichcha Sudeep fans. Kabzaa movie is the ultimate combination of gang-war, one-to-one actions, emotions, and thriller. A brilliant gangster story with a new-era concept and emotions that are enough to engage the audience till the last moment. One of the key factors that make it unique from other movies is its background music.

The storytelling and the narration were weak. Powerful action scenes and locations were perfect according to the movie’s theme. If you are a cinema lover who loves a huge cinematic set then Kabzaa movie is just made for you. Other people who do not like to see illogical fights and actions then please do not waste your money.

We should highly appreciate two factors in our Kabzaa movie review that are the BGM and cinematography of the Kabzaa movie 2023. Brilliant work by Upendra Rao, Kichcha Sudeep, Shreya Saran, and Shiva Rajkumar. The Hindi dubbed version of the “Kabzaa movie” is also a good option to watch for Hindi audiences. You can enjoy this true piece of entertainment in the nearby cinema from 17 march 2023.

Kabzaa Movie Review 2023

Details you may want to know: 

Movie – Kabzaa: The New Vision of the Underworld

Release Date – 17 March 2023

Language – Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam

Cast – Upendra Rao, Sudeep, Manoj Vajpayee, Shreya Saran, Shiva Rajkumar, Nayanthara

Duration – 2h 54m

Budget – 120 Crores

Genre – Action, Crime, Drama, Adventure,

Director – R Chandru

Best for – Fan of KGF, Vikram, Once upon a time in Mumbai, Shoutout at Lokhandwala

Latest Movie Kabzaa Review

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