Grey Blazer Combination

11 Striking Ways to Style Grey Blazer Combination for the Gentlemen

With a classy grey blazer combination, you can deceive anyone with the way you style. Let’s be honest our first impression majorly lies with how we dress up. In this blog, we will try our best to shine the light on the grey blazer combination styles for men.

Before going for styling tips for the grey blazer combination, let’s understand what grey denotes. Grey is an achromatic color, a perfect blend of black and white. While Black symbolizes strength, power, and authority. White denotes purity, innocence, and perfection. Grey is thus a blend of power, purity, and perfection. Rather than practice deception, grey honors honesty, transparency, and integrity. It’s the meaning that every man wants to stand true to. So let’s find amazing styling tips for mens grey blazer for you to outshine any occasion.

List of 11 ways to style Grey Blazer Combination: Suit up to Impress

If you are looking for ways to style a grey blazer combination. We’ve got you covered with amazing styles for you to suit up. No matter what the occasion is, you can flaunt the gentleman within you. Given below are some of the grey blazer combinations -.

  1. Grey Blazer Combination with Black Shirt
  2. Grey Blazer Combination with Jeans
  3. Grey Blazer Combinationwith Light and Navy Blue shirt
  4. Grey Blazer Combination with Navy Pants
  5. Grey Blazer with Chinos
  6. Grey Blazer with White Shirt
  7. Grey Blazer with T-shirt
  8. Grey Blazer Combination with Sweater
  9. Grey Blazer with Grey Pant
  10. Grey Blazer with Black Pant
  11. Grey Blazer with High Neck T-shirt
  1. Grey Blazer Combination with Black Shirt

    Grey Blazer Combination Black Shirt

    Source: Pinterest

    Become the gentleman of the hour with the aesthetic appeal of this grey blazer combination. It will surely look classy. You can be flexible enough to style a grey blazer with black shirt and Black pants for extra chromatic effect or you can go with Grey pants. You can choose whatever suits your persona and style. Set your level up with a statement wristwatch and stylish black loafers. With this style, you will surely look like a million bucks.

  2. Grey Blazer Combination with Jeans

    Grey Blazer Combination with Jeans

    Source: Pinterest

    If you are going to someplace fancy and wish to look cool and casual. Style your grey blazer outfit with dark blue or black jeans. Kick into some nice shoes or fine loafers and a statement wristwatch for extra points on looking dapper. You can go in a Plain shirt or T-shirt alongside your grey blazer. Look striking with this grey blazer combination.

  3. Grey Blazer Combination with Light and Navy Blue Shirt

    Grey Blazer Combination Blue Shirt

    Source: Pinterest

    To all the men, we have got you covered. You will surely shine in the crowd by wearing this grey blazer combination. Look more striking and dapper by pairing your grey blazer with a navy blue or light blue shirt with off-white pants along with your stylish brown loafers. This is a look especially suggested for daytime so don’t forget to seal the deal with your cool sunglasses. This is the best grey blazer combination shirt, as blue looks more confident and dignified. To outshine in this combination and slay on any occasion.

  4. Grey Blazer Combination with Navy Pants

    Grey Blazer Combination Blue Pant

    Source: Pinterest

    The grey blazer combination with Navy pants brings out the subtleness of the grey. You can turn a few heads in your direction, you’d look that appealing to anyone who crosses your path. The light color of the grey and the confident vibe of navy blue will surely pop out your outfit if paired with a white shirt. level up your game with a statement wristwatch and stylish loafers. This grey colour blazer combination will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

  5. Grey Blazer Combination with Chinos

    Grey Blazer Combination Chinos

    Source: Pinterest

    For super cool and effortless style this is the best grey blazer combination. A quick tip to style your grey blazer would be to go for beige, off-white chinos or navy blue chinos with a plain white shirt. A simple yet subtle look but it would look way more ravishing if you go out wearing your statement wristwatch and light brown loafers. A style statement you can carry effortlessly.

  6. Grey Blazer Combination with White Shirt

    Grey Blazer Combination White Shirt

    Source: Pinterest

    White spreads peaceful vibes and combined with grey it looks more high class. There are multiple ways to style your white shirt with a grey blazer. You can style your white shirt with cream textured chinos, or navy blue chinos or you can pair up your white shirt with a grey blazer combination with jeans in dark blue or black. Level up your game with either stylish sneakers or loafers. This grey blazer combination will make you look extra dapper and cool.

  7. Grey Blazer Combination with T-Shirt

    Grey Blazer Combination T-shirt

    Source: Pinterest

    If you cringe to style your blazer with a T-shirt, then buddy you are just missing out on a lot of styling inspiration for your grey blazer combination. You can style a plain solid T-shirt with any nice pair of chinos or jeans. Just a cool outfit with a T-shirt would include a plain white T-shirt paired with navy blue chinos and brown loafer and that’s how you can beat your blazer game. Give a kick to your style with statement white sneakers to look extra sporty and classy.

  8. Grey Blazer Combination with Sweater

    Grey Blazer Combination Sweater

    Source: Pinterest

    Take your blazer game to the next level with a cool sweater underneath your blazer. You can wear this sweater on top of your shirt. You can go for a light blue or a white sweater with beige pants and cool statement sneakers. Level up your style with super cool sunglasses. This is one of the most stylish grey blazer combinations. A look that surely would scream that you own this whole town.

  9. Grey Blazer Combination with Grey Pant

    Grey Blazer Combination Grey Pant

    Source: Piterest

    The Grey blazer combination looks exceptional with grey pants. You can pair it up with a white shirt and a black shirt. Kick your style with black or brown loafers and a statement silver wristwatch. This is not only a formal get up but also this grey blazer combination for wedding will also be a style guide for others.

  10. Grey Blazer Combination with Black Pant

    Grey Blazer Combination Black Pant

    Source: Pinterest

    Sometimes we feel that the way we style doesn’t do justice. This grey blazer combination is a cure for this solution. For more of the vintage and royal vibes, you can style your grey blazer with classy black pants. Pair it up with a white shirt or you can go all black by going with a black shirt and black pants and statement loafers. Trust us guys this will be the superhot look on you.

  11. Grey Blazer Combination with High Neck T-Shirt

    Grey Blazer Combination

    Source: Pinterest

    The super fascinating appeal of the grey blazer combination is with a High neck T-shirt. Why style with a boring shirt or a T-shirt when you can style up like this. You can go with a classy black or white high neck T-shirt along with grey pants. Not only does it looks alluring but also it brings out your charm. Word of mouth, It’s a steal-your-girl kind of appeal.

When it comes to style, we can experiment the way we want. Since your styling etiquettes speak a lot about you more than your words. You should thus be mindful of how you’d style thus, a grey blazer is a must to have to outshine yourself with your styling etiquette. Look like a boss in a crowd by styling your grey blazer combination. And look like a true gentleman everywhere.



Mens grey blazer is a statement piece, you style it with a classy solid plain shirt of any light color like white, or light blue. You can also style it with a Black shirt. For your complete overall look wear either black pants, grey pants, or navy blue pants. Add on a statement brown or black loafer or shoes. You will surely give an aesthetic vibe to the whole occasion.

2 What color shirt goes with a GREY blazer?

If you have a grey blazer, you know it is as universal as black. Most of the styles look alluring with black especially a light blue shirt, Navy blue shirt, and white shirt would look subtle on a grey blazer. You can also style a grey blazer combination with a black shirt and stylish pants to level up your game.

3 What goes well with a GREY blazer?

Pastel shade shirts look good with a grey blazer. You can style it with a black shirt as well along with stylish chinos or jeans. You can also style it with a white or a black high-neck sweater to look more striking. These are the few ways you can style a grey blazer combination. You can look class apart with any combination you choose to pick.


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